Day 32: 1 February 2019

At 09.00 we pulled into Ardley Bay, King George Island, where the Chileans and Russians have a base.  A distinctly bleak looking place of dark hillsides patched with snow, and valleys clogged with glaciers.  Bays full of krill-scoffing humpbacks and minke whales, and along the waterline gentoo and chinstrap penguins.  With climate change, this island is more sub-Antarctic than Antarctic. 

During the morning there was a team photo, then, during the afternoon the ten scientists left to catch a flight from the Chilean airstrip to Punta Arenas in the Straits of Magellan. 

That evening, to leaven the mood, the bar was permitted to issue two free cans of beer courtesy of the Flotilla Foundation.  I have no fancy words for it, but with so many missing, and two more yet to go, it felt just plain old sad.  (Violins please, Giuseppe)

Noon position:  62  12.1  S,  058  56.9